Components of a Bank On Initiative

The National League of Cities, in its Bank On Cities Connecting Residents to the Financial Mainstream Toolkit for Municipal Leaders (Click here to see the entire Toolkit), identified six core components that are key to the success of a municipal initiative to expand access to mainstream financial services:

Below are some resources that we have collected for current and prospective Bank On Collations:

Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund National Bank On Platform

FDIC National Survey of Un and Underbanked Households

Second Chance Accounts in Florida

League of Cities - Bank On Cities Kit

In July of 2017, FPP Interns inventoried Bank Products. Here is what they found: PDF of presentation, report, data - Click here for a recording of this session

In December of 2016, FPP inventoried Credit Union and CDFI Alternative loan products. Here is what was found: Credit Union and CDFI Inventory