What Steps Are Needed to Sustain Bank On Florida and Increase Access to Banking Relationships for All?

Input has been gathered from Asset-Builders and Prosperity Campaign leaders across Florida . . . below are their recommendations for seeing the collective work of Bank On Florida into the future. Click on the three statements below to reveal their insights.

  • Recommendations for Bank On and Prosperity Campaign Generators . . .


    Continue the conversations on Bank On and Prosperity Campaigns in Florida to raise awareness.

    Internal Marketing

    Share more success stories and the impact being generated in regions across the state; consider a Bank On week recognized at the state level.

    Internal Sharing

    Convene more frequently with representatives from across the state to share model practices and develop strategies.


    Encourage collaboration and partnerships between financial institutions, local government, non-profit, academic (public, private, community college and university), large employers and faith-based organizations.


    Address the regulatory divide between financial technology, high-cost alternative financial products and financial institutions.


    Develop a central resource center where viable products and services are available via an interactive tool.

    Backbone Organization

    Recognize FPP Coalition as it serves as the continued driver for movement in Florida’s Bank On initiatives.


    Increase access to technology for banking products and continuous learning.

  • Recommendations for Financial Institutions . . .


    Elevate more banking products in local markets to the CFE Bank On 2.0 Standards.

    Lifestyle Accounts

    Offer more “lifestyle” accounts, services and business hours that meet the needs of working families.


    Create greater awareness of how credit works, increase access to it, and help manage it soundly.

    Serve the Community

    Shift the mindset so that doing good for the sake of doing good is no longer viewed as a loss leader in banking; to properly view the risk of not serving all communities, state the business case and recognize the value of serving the un- and underbanked.


    Offer products and services to meet people where they are, physically, intellectually, emotionally and financially.


    Acknowledge that the varied resources available can be overwhelming for consumers in need; offer basic products that allow for access, liquidity and simple savings.


    Achieve full transparency with stipulations and fees of financial institution accounts.


    Dismantle the stigma of traditional banks in communities as not trustworthy; broaden the access and deepen the services provided to all communities across Florida.


    Address and remove the notion that low- to moderate-income consumers do not have enough money to open a bank account.

    Real-Time Liquidity

    Accelerate access to earned funds in accounts through direct deposit and ACH payments.


    Offer mobile banking options in communities where the feasibility of a full-time brick-and-mortar financial institution is not defined.


    Use software applications to bring Bank On-certified products and services to all, while lowering costs and thresholds.

  • Recommendations for Social Service and Community Impact Initiatives . . .


    Ask low- to moderate-income consumers what they need, listen, and work to deliver upon their stated needs.

    Next Generation

    Engage youth in financial literacy and capability through the education system, as well as in multiple touches in their formative lives.

    Young Adults

    Work with college students, rising professionals and young families to steer their decisions toward responsible financial management.


    Engage more community members in formal financial literacy efforts that take a holistic approach.

    Social Service Preparation

    Support case managers and financial coaches to ask deeper questions and gain clearer insights on where and how client financial transactions are being processed.


    Include one-on-one Financial Coaching over a longer term with households and individuals.

    External Marketing

    Invest in sharing the message that viable, affordable alternatives to pay-day and predatory lenders exist and are attainable for all.

    Home Ownership

    Address barriers to affordable housing and home ownership to create clear pathways and progress steps toward owning a home.

    Scarcity Mindset

    Address the prevailing mindset that drives consumers to spend what they have instead of save out of psychological fear of not having, or losing what they possess.


    Reposition savings as a positive measure for consumers in the United States, as the single-most important step toward financial stability and security.

FPP Bank On Florida - Prosperity Campaign Sustainability Convening - Input Capture from October 2018

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